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100% Organic

Certified Organic cultivation in family Groves

High polyphenol

Lab Certified High Polyphenol, Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content.
Total Polyphenols levels above 890mg/kg  (Tyrosol derivatives 491mg/kg, Hydroxytyrosol derivatives 403mg/kg). 


Early harvested Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Always from the latest, most fresh harvest year


Awards winner

Internationally awarded for its high quality


Produced in Chania of Crete, Greece: a Protected Geographical Indication region


From ‘Koroneiki’ heritage variety of olives. Considered one of the most premium variety with gold-green colour with rich, fruity flavour and aroma


Early Harvest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our exclusive extra virgin olive comes from the groves of protected geographic indication in Chania, Crete. It is cold pressed from the Koroneiki olive variety, a rare fruit that is only suitable for cultivation in this area of the world. Our estates are situated to the northeast of Chania, between the northern coast and the White Mountains. The microclimate of the region draws out the special characteristics of the Koroneiki olive, which are fully expressed in the oil. Our use of organic cultivation methods contribute to the local terroir, bringing out an additional depth of flavour to the oil.

Freshness is key in producing a healthy olive oil, so we ensure our oil harvested early in the season. This reduces the quantity of oil produced in any given year, but drastically improves the quality. One of its essential constituents which provide its health giving properties are the polyphenol content. Our oil has been lab proven to contain a high polyphenol content, as well as a high amount of antioxidants. It is then delivered to our customers in dark bottles to protect the integrity of the product from light damage. Enjoy this unique olive oil drizzled on roasted meats, vegetables or with a Greek salad.

Do you know the health benefits of High Polyphenols Olive Oil?

Olive Oil is known for its numerous health benefits and amazing healing properties, with the latest medical, academic research confirming the dietary wisdom of ancient times and providing further evidence about the unique properties of this super food.

One of the major suites of compounds responsible for the incredible health benefits present in extra-virgin olive oil are the polyphenols, which are present in high amounts in exclusive olive oils. An olive oil with +250mg/kg is considered high phenolic. In 2016, the EU established an official health claim about the polyphenols in olive oil and their positive effect on health. The claim is that the polyphenol content in olive oil contributes to the protection of blood lipids against oxidative stress. However, this only applies to olive oils with more than 5mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives per 20g of olive oil. This has positive implications for many of the health problems affecting people today.

Laboratory analysis of November Organic Olive Oil (Harvest October / November 2020) at the time of production resulted in Polyphenols levels above 890mg/kg  (Tyrosol derivatives 491mn/kg, Hydroxytyrosol derivatives 403mn/kg). 

Olive oil is implicated in studies demonstrating cardiovascular benefits since the 1960s and more recent studies show olive oil is one of the key factors in the prevention of cardiovascular disease with the Mediterranean Diet. The mechanisms of action include the prevention of oxidation of blood lipids, the lowering of inflammation, reduction of blood clotting and the presence of heart protective nutrients.

More research is being conducted over time, suggesting the important role olive oil has in protection over neurodegenerative disorders. One of the key factors in Alzheimer’s disease is the build up of β-amyloid plagues in brain cells. Compounds in olive oil have been demonstrated to clear this. Also, olive oil is implicated in general brain health, particularly across ageing, which may be due to its anti-inflammatory compounds.

Harmful bacteria play a role in negatively impacting the human immune system. Olive oil has been shown to contain nutrients that may inhibit or kill dangerous bacteria, such as Helicobacter pylori . The polyphenols present, particularly oleocanthal, oleuropein & oleocein, are demonstrated to have their own mechanisms of action in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. This has implications of benefit to those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, infections and certain cancers.

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