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Enjoy our Organic November Olive Oil:


- Exceptional Taste & Aroma

- High Nutritional Value / Health Benefits

- Health Claim (EU Regulation 432/2012)

- Very Rich in Polyphenols (>400mg/kg)             

              Powerful antioxidants  

- Beneficial for:

        Immune System

        Cholesterol Regulation

        Cardiovascular system

        Inflammations (Anti-inflammatory)

        Brain / Cognitive function

-  Low acidity (0.25%)

pistachio croissants.jpg

MasWorth's delicious Pistachio Spreads:

PREMIUM QUALITY PISTACHIO SPREAD to eat for breakfast and confectionery 

FROM GREECE'S WORLD FAMOUS PISTACHIOS:  characterised by exceptional taste and aroma

RICH IN HEALTH BENEFITS: Pistachios are rich in healthy fats, fiber, protein, antioxidants, and various beneficial nutrients, including vitamin B6 and thiamin

NATURAL PRODUCT: Free of artificial colours – Gluten Free

Use on bread, cakes, ice creams, croissants, waffles and other desserts

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