November Early Harvest Organic Olive Oil (500ml)


Early harvest November EVOO is the king of our collection was hand-picked in when the olive fruit was still unripe and green, giving the olive oil this superior feel, taste and aroma. A very premium quality of olive oil with an intense fruity, well-balanced flavour making it ideal for your fresh dishes and salad dressings.

  • Polyphenols: > 890 mg/kg *
  • Peroxides: 4.5 meqO2/kg
  • Acidity: below 0.25%
  • Fruitness (Mf): …
  • Pungent (Mp): …
  • Bitterness (Mb): …
  • Defects (Md): …
  • Material: Dark Glass
  • Volume: 500ml

SPECIAL BOTTLING TO PRESERVE QUALITY: The bottling process of this premium olive oil is taking place in ideal conditions and with the highest criteria of quality and design. We have chosen special bottles that protect the olive oil from the exposure to sunlight and maintain its power, taste, and ingredients for a long time.


✅ 100% ORGANIC EARLY HARVEST EVOO: The production of November Olive Oil is 100% Organic and based on early harvesting. By harvesting the olives earlier than the normal practices of the olive oil industry, our cost of production is significantly higher (as the olive fruits have not yet been ripened, less juice is extracted compared to harvests of fully ripened olives), however, the health benefits of early harvests are significantly higher compared to common extra virgin olive oils.

✅ EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY, TASTE & AROMA: The king of our collection was hand-picked in October 2022 when the olive fruit was still unripe and green, giving the olive oil this superior feel, taste and aroma. A very premium quality of olive oil with an intense fruity, well-balanced flavour making it ideal for your fresh dishes and salad dressings. EU Certified, BPA Free, Non GMO, Cold-extracted with No preservatives, chemical or additives. Suitable for Vegetarians.

✅ BENEFICIAL HEALTH EFFECT: Very rich in polyphenols, known for their power antioxidant effect. Beneficial for: Immune System, Cholesterol Regulation, Cardiovascular system, Inflammations (Anti-inflammatory), Brain / Cognitive function. In the latest Laboratory analysis conducted November’s olive oil Polyphenols levels stood at 780 mg/kg and very low acidity (below 0.25%)

✅ HAND PICKED KORONEIKI OLIVES VARIETY: Koroneiki olive is considered the most premium variety to produce the best quality olive oil. Its mature flavor and the high nutritional value make it ideal both for cooking and for raw consumption at serving.


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There are numerous procedures required in all stages of olive oil production (olive tree variety, cultivation methods, extraction process, early harvesting, temperature during harvest, type of method used when pressing oils and many other factors) in order to produce a high phenolic olive oil. Instead of trying to rely in any of those factors, what offers more assurance of the high concentration of healthy polyphenols in an Olive Oil is the certificate by specialised independence labs. A lot of producers claim that they have produced high polyphenols Olive oil, just because they have followed some of the above practices, however unless this statement is supported by certification from recognised independent labs, consumer should be cautious.   

Another important element is to ensure that the lab certificate refers to the harvest period of the olive oil that is actually sold. It is very common that a producer may have produced high polyphenols one year and in the next year the polyphenols levels achieved are lower. Make sure that what is advertised is what you get!

You can find our certificate for November Olive Oil in this page

November Olive Oils and MasWorth Olive Oils are filtered. The filtering process helps olive oil to maintain stability and preserve their healthy qualities and polyphenols. Unfiltered olive oils include olive particles that will continue to ferment in the bottle and the sediment on the bottom of the bottle will accelerate the oxidation, thus negatively affecting the quality of the olive oil.

November Olive Oil does NOT use vacuum machines for the collection of olives and there many reasons for that. Please note the November EVOO follows only eco-friendly, 100% organic and traditional growing and olive production practices. The use of vacuum machines kills the birds that spend the night in our olive trees. Other than our love for nature and those birds, there is another important reason that we want them safe in our Olive Groves…The higher the population of these birds the lower the population of Olive flies that attack the olive fruits every year. And since November is 100% Organic, without the use of pesticide it is important to have those birds as an ally against the olive fly attacks. Unlike November Olive Oil practices, it is true that plenty of large olive oil manufacturers use vacuum machines, both because they do not have an eco-friendly culture but also because they don’t need those birds to protect them from Olive flies, since they use pesticides in their production process.

The freshness in Olive Oil is an important element for the preservation of its health benefits. Please note that the freshness benefit is relevant when looking in the Harvest “Year” of an Olive Oil. So, it is always better to buy Olive Oil from the latest Harvest Year and not from previous years (as you can usually find in supermarkets and low-quality brands). For this reason, we only sell Olive Oil that is harvested within the latest Harvest Year (in this harvest year starting from October). However, within the same harvest year you can have harvests from October up to Feb/March. In that case, if you want a product with higher Health benefits and intense Aroma, it is better to look at the “Early Harvests” (in this year’s harvest between October to November).

Early Harvest olive oils require a significantly higher quantity of Olives to produce the same quantity of Oil that a later harvest would need (Dec-Jan-Febr olives are more mature and are able to provide more quantity of olive oil per olives used). For this reason the early harvest olive oils are usually more expensive, but they come with higher concentration on health benefits (polyphenols) and quality characteristics. In addition to the added health benefits, early harvest olive oils have a longer shelf life than ripe harvest oils because the antioxidant properties of the polyphenols slow the onset of rancidity. The Oct product is our Premium Early Harvest product enjoying very high-quality characteristics and has been bottled at a premium dark bottle to protect the olive from light and oxidation.

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