100% Organic Infused Olive Oils

The award-winning November base olive oil is superior quality EVOO. Infusion is a great way to extract herbal constituents as the oil breaks down the cell walls of the plant materials. Adding organic herbal essential oils to the mix produces a much richer and intensive flavour that really packs a punch. Dishes can be enhanced by using only a small amount whilst also reducing the amount of salt required for seasoning.

Platinum Awarded 2020

November Olive Oil Infusions has been awarded with Platinum Award in 2020 in one of the most prestigious olive oil competitions.

Beneficial Health Effect

Rich in polyphenols, known for powerful antioxidants that help boost immunity.

Delicious Flavour Combinations

- Rosemary & Garlic
- Thyme & Dittany
- Fennel & Lemon
- Orange & Laurel



With rich, deep aromas and flavours to compliment every dish, awaken your senses with our Infused Olive Oils.


Drizzle on roasting meats, coat your steaming vegetables, or complete a delicious salad.


Gastronomic pleasure, from the heart of Crete, on every plate.

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