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November Organic Infused Olive Oil – Thyme and Dittany 250ml

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100% Organic Infused Olive Oil – Unique Flavour and Aroma
Enjoy delicious flavour and aroma combinations in infusions of our November Organic Olive Oil with the finest, all-natural, 100% Organic essential oils. The intense aromas and flavours of November Infused Organic Olive Oil makes it the ideal dressing for your fresh dishes and marinades.

Very High Phenolic Content
November Organic Olive Oil is rich in polyphenols, known for their beneficial effects on human health. For our infusions, we use the finest all-natural, organic essential oils, which are also rich in the health-promoting bioactive compounds found in aromatic herbs and fruits.

Ideal Dressing and Marinade
November Infused Olive Oils are very strong and we recommend combining a small amount to a larger quantity of November Organic Olive Oil for dressings and marinades.
Recommended usage:
For salads or to serve: 1 teaspoon per serving
For marinades or to finish a dish: 1-2 tablespoons

Thyme & Dittany
Thyme is one of the most famous Mediterranean aromatic plants which is a culinary staple in most household recipes. Its main ingredient is thymol, which is responsible for the strong aroma of thyme, and is believed to be a natural precursor to modern antibiotics.
Dittany has been known since antiquity for many healing properties. Dittany in olive oil was the most sacred product in the Minoan era and was offered to the priests and kings of the palaces of Crete, Mycenae and Pylos.
November Infused Organic Olive Oil with Thyme & Dittany is ideal for meat, cooked vegetables, pasta and grilled fish. It is also perfect to drizzle on tomato, cheese, eggs and green salads.

November Organic Olive Oil – PGI Chania
The base of this product is the November olive oil, a high quality organic extra virgin olive oil that is produced in the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Chania, Crete in the traditional way without any chemical fertilisers or pesticides.
The olives are harvested in a low-impact process, which is followed by pressing in certified organic olive mills the same day, operating in accordance with EU rules. The strict application of organic practices across all stages of production, from cultivation and pressing to bottling and distribution, guarantees the excellent quality of November Organic Olive Oil.

The result is an olive oil with a full flavour that accentuates your dish. At the same time, it provides an excellent range of health-promoting polyphenols and their subsequent organoleptic characteristics, resulting in a truly sensual experience.
The unique flavor and the high nutritional value of November Organic Olive Oil – PGI Chania makes it ideal for both cooking and drizzled on during serving. Its unique aroma highlights meat, fish or legumes and is also a great dressing for salads.


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