Unique & Delicious

Versatile spreads that are unique and delicious taste combinations, ideal spread over bread and waffles, used as a pancake filling or added to yoghurt and smoothies for a nutty flavour.

Premium Quality

Packed with either Pistachio, Hazelnut or Almond nuts that have been sourced from the best regions in Greece to ensure a premium quality product that will be loved by all the family.

Variety of Flavours

Available as a cream, milk chocolate or dark chocolate blend to cater for all tastes or for those who just love a bit of variety.

No Refined Sugar Options

Our milk chocolate spreads substitute maltitol for refined sugar, a natural plant-based sweetener making them a healthier option.

Pistachio Spreads

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MasWorth Nuts Spreads
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Almond Spreads

Hazelnut Spreads

Tahini Spreads