Produced and collected from a “Natura 2000” protected coastal area in Crete, Greece. The region promotes biodiversity & ensures sustainable human activities as well as restricted use of pesticides, so bees are free to forage in areas of high plant diversity, which produces exceptional and uniquely flavoured aromatic varieties of honey.

Four family generations

of Beekeepers:

Made from the heart following the traditions of four generations of beekeepers, focused on delivering the simple pleasures in life – pure, naturally occurring food, distinctive natural flavours and nutritional benefits as nature intended.



Thyme, Wild Herbs and Pine Honey is highly nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals. The polyphenols in Honey which include Flavonoids and Carotenoids have potent antioxidant effects. Rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy antioxidants.

The Importance
of Provenance

Natura Hives Honey is produced in an area in Crete that is part of the ‘Natura 2000’ network,  spanning approximately 18% of the EU’s land and sea. These regions have been designated for the purpose of ensuring the long-term survival of the most threatened and valuable species in Europe by promoting biodiversity and ensuring landowners develop and maintain an approach to conservation and sustainability centred on working alongside nature. 


Natura 2000 areas promote sustainable human activities, including organic farming methods that restrict the use of pesticides and healthy ecosystems can significantly enhance economic development, making the environment the perfect place for beekeeping. 

The Importance
of Provenance

Why our Honey
is so special …

Natura 2000
Region of Crete

4 generations of beekeeping experience

Greek warm dry climate ideal for Beekeeping

Unprocessed and 100% natural and pure

Cold extracted & minimal filtering

Why our Honey
is so special …

Exceptional Flavour
and Aroma

Happy Bees Create
Superior Honey

Single Source &


Certified Quality
Production Control

  • Natura Hives Honey – Thyme, Wild Herbs & Pine (400g)

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Natura Hives

100% Cretan honey
from Thyme, Wild Herbs and Pine.

Raw or
not Raw

We are often asked if Natura Hives is a raw honey, so we want to provide some important information about this highly confusing topic for consumers. Understanding what ‘raw’ means is a little more complicated, as even if a beekeeper produce a 100% pure authentic honey at very high quality standards, as consumers would consider a ‘raw honey’, there are various limitations on the use of word raw by law in regards to honey, even if we talk about a natural, pure and excellent product. 


Raw honey is the golden liquid dripping from the honeycomb collected straight from the hive complete with dead bees, pollen, dirt, and other insects. This is not typically how honey is expected to be by consumers to enjoy it and in order for these dirt to be removed the honey has to be filtered. 


Although we don’t use the word raw in our labels due to our all natural filtration process used, at Natura Hives we ensure that our honey remains at a great natural state without any processes that would damage its quality and health benefits. Our honey also remains at all conditions at temperatures that do not exceed the temperatures of the hive. 



Natura Hives Honey is produced by our Cretan family of beekeepers that span 4 generations. Our vast experience of producing honey in a Natura 2000 region has guided us to develop contemporary processes that adhere to strict quality standards but also remain firmly grounded in our traditions with no compromise on the delicious taste and aroma of the honey produced by our bees.