Healthy Pasta from Legumes & Superfoods

A premium quality pasta series from premium quality legumes and superfoods.

Rich in Protein and Fibres

Ideal food for children, athletes and vegans / vegetarians

Finest raw materials

Lovingly produced pasta from finest quality raw materials that is produced with traditional methods and absolute respect to the environment

100% Legumes series

Enjoy our 3 different products with 100% legumes: - From 100% Red Lentil Flour - From 3 Legumes : Red Lentil, Black Lentil & Chickpea - From 100% Chickpea Flour

Superfood Series

Enjoy our 4 different products with Durum wheat and Superfoods: - Pea Protein and Durum wheat - Carob Superfood and Durum wheat - Quinoa & Almond and Durum wheat - Curcuma / Turmeric and Durum wheat