EXCEPTIONAL TASTE & AROMA: Superior quality with an intense golden-green hue, rich fruity aroma as well as a deep and refreshing taste. A full and well-balanced flavour highlighting the mellow olive in your dish. Fresh Nov. 2019 harvest.


100% ORGANIC GREEK EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: EU Certified, BPA Free, Non GMO, Cold-extracted with No preservatives, chemical or additives. Suitable for Vegetarians.


BENEFICIAL HEALTH EFFECT: Very rich in polyphenols, known for their power antioxidant effect.


HAND PICKED KORONEIKI OLIVES VARIETY: Koroneiki olive is considered the most premium variety to produce the best quality olive oil. Its mature flavor and the high nutritional value make it ideal both for cooking and for raw consumption at serving.


SPECIAL BOTTLING TO PRESERVE QUALITY: Protects the olive oil from the exposure to sunlight so that the power, taste and ingredients are maintained for a longer period of time.

November - ORGANIC (BIO) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ml)